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Healing Massage Relaxing Muscle to Relieving Stress Stomach - Magical Massage Therapy Techniques #38

Published on 19 Jan 2019 / In Health & Fitness

Healing Massage Relaxing Muscle to Relieving STress Stomach Magical Massage Therapy Techinques #38
You want to reduce weight loss and reduce belly fat, with therapy massage, you can have nice body without use pharmacy or have hard diet
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There are many different methods of health care that are currenly being applied, including massage therapies. This is a traditional massage method, applied over generations and bring many benefits to human health.
Massage therapy
Masage therapy is an extension of the structure of instinctual contact movements of a combination of singular or coordinated movements. It has the effect of treating musclar joint disorders or treating emotional disorders to increase their self-esteem and reduce stress caused by stress.
Effects of Massage therapy
- Helps metabolism in the body.
- Increased red ce production.
- Stimulates blood vessels and lymphs.
- Dilation of blood vessels.
- Incresed blood circulation.
- Removes harmful substances in the body such as : lactic acid, fatty acids
- Increased activit of the kidney.
- Improved conversion of phosphorus, sulfate.
- Improves skin whitening, soft smooth.
- Strengthen the mobility of the joints.
- Increases flexibility, strenthens tissues.
- Cure of scars.
- Slow down the proces of muscle wasting due to old are or disease.
- Removing or blocking some cancer cells.
- Supports deposits in joints.
- Helps ease of mind, eliminates anxiety.
- Treatment, reduce muscle tension, muscle contraction.
- Helps generate energy, cheerfl spirit, work effectively.
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Subcribe : https://bit.ly/2KYnIbX
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