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DIY String & Ribbon Bracelet with Beads. How to Make Bracelets for Beginners - Easy & Simple

Published on 19 Jan 2019 / In Beauty & Fashion

In this DIY bracelets tutorial I show how to make a DIY string bracelet and DIY Ribbon Bracelet. These bracelets are super easy and simple to make and are suitable for beginners! DIY bracelet with string is much more colorful while the bracelet withh ribbon is much more elegant. As I am using screw nuts as beads, this is also a DIY bracelet with beads tutorial. Bracelets making is my passion and these two beaded bracelets with string and ribbon are so easy and simple to make and you only need a string, ribbon and screw nuts. Were you ever wondering how to make a bracelet out of string? Or how to make a bracelet out of ribbon? All how to questions are answered in this How to make a bracelets video. Now you will be able to make bracelets at home, even if you are complete beginner in bracelets making! Either Ribbon or String bracelet could be perfect gift for your best friend and that is why these bracelets are also called friendship bracelets.


The string bracelets using screw nuts are super popular at the moment. I saw them in many different stores from H&M, Accesorize and others. But I decided to make a string beaded bracelet myself for much cheaper. It is really easy and simple to make (even for beginners), so why pay if you can make exactly the same bracelet at home. Later I also show how to make a bracelet out of ribbon and screw nuts.

This homemade bracelets tutorial shows how to make two bracelets. The first friendship bracelet is made out of string and screw nuts. For the string I used a Chinese knotting cord, but any kind of string can be used, like nylon, leather or silk. This is probably the simple and easy form of a beaded bracelet with a string since you only need to braid a simple braid and add the screw nuts as you go. As I used a colorful string, my bracelet out of string is perfect for summer and goes great with any kind of casual outfits. As you can see the first bracelet is super cute and fun!

The second bracelet is made out of ribbon and screw nuts. You can also use regular beads. Even though the technique to make this ribbon beaded bracelet is quite similar to the string beaded bracelet, these friendship bracelets look very different once they are finished. The ribbon bracelet looks much more elegant and polished and it would be a perfect prom bracelet as it goes well to any formal outfit.

Help me translate this DIY: https://www.youtube.com/timedt....ext_video?v=maoAkgWX

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Song by CMA Music (http://soundcloud.com/ezx-dubstep) -- As time goes by. The work is provided under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)

The intro in this How to make a bracelet out of string and how to make a bracelet out of ribbon video is provided by Kevin Macleod from Incompetech.com under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)

The rest of media in this DIY ribbon and string bracelets tutorial is either my own or provided under the public license.

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